About Us

Threshold Knowledge represents a new era in multi-disciplinary consulting with specialized practices in Management and Leadership, Technical Infrastructure and Fundraising.

Our team can help you solve problems, lead new ventures, augment your team’s knowledge and capabilities, and add critical capacity.

In the Management and Leadership Practice, Threshold Knowledge is focused on building the Leadership and Management potential to transform your organization in order to achieve the results that are most important to you.

The Technical Infrastructure Practice blends IT Management, Infrastructure Architecture and Technical Deployment expertise that can help your organization assess, plan, and deploy the right technology the right way rather than chasing technology trends. This allows your IT department to be better aligned with organizational objectives and decisions.

In Fundraising, Threshold Knowledge will allow you to spend the time where it really matters, with you donors. Threshold Knowledge will help you build your capacity to achieve this in 2 ways: bringing senior fundraisers in when you need the capacity, and while we work with you we can help to identify way in which your current processes and systems can be streamlined buying you more time every day.

Threshold Knowledge brings you multi-industry knowledge and experience which helps you to see problems in a different light. We work with you to build a custom solution to your unique situation while leaving you with the knowledge and skills to stay in control long after we leave.

At Threshold Knowledge the real value we bring is in the combined expertise collaborating on client initiatives that yields a value greater than the sum of individual parts. This multi-disciplinary approach brings a different understanding and new insights into what can be a segmented way of looking at business challenges. Threshold Knowledge leads positive change in the partnerships and initiatives that we undertake.