Why Threshold Knowledge for Individual Change Managment?

Anybody can follow the instructions and administer an evaluation. Similarly anyone can read a book, download a video or sign up for online training. The question is what tool should you use and what do you do with the results?

We strive to understand your organizational culture and landscape, but are not restricted by it when we propose solutions. We work to support your managers and leaders in building the organization you want.

Threshold Knowledge has the tools and experience to help you identify the root cause of your problems, choose the right tool and turn the results into actions. When faced with challenges it is common to put a band-aid on the symptoms. Unfortunately this means that the problem continues to grow, and in some cases your solutions make things worse. Our approach can help you make the right decisions, put a plan in place that can lead to positive change, and we can help take the pain out of making tough decisions.

Once the problems are clear, Threshold Knowledge can provide solutions based on real world experience and ongoing research. This usually comes down to helping develop leaders and team members; training, coaching and mentoring. Most of our clients are surprised at how many of their organizational issues, including profit and productivity, are tied directly to their people and how they are managed.

The Threshold Knowledge Difference has 3 facets:

1. A clear vision of your intention and your desired end-state
2. Knowing how to choose and deploy tools where they are most effective
3. Blending Assessment and Development in every interaction

Contact us to learn more about how the Threshold Knowledge Difference can minimize the pain and help you get the most out of your best people.