Book Cover - From Technical to Exceptional

Nobody signs up to fail…

Making the transition from Technical Expert to Project Manager is easy. Going from Technical Expert to Successful Project Manager is harder. You don’t want a transition, you need a transformation. That transformation takes you from Technical to Exceptional.

By learning to be exceptional in your business projects, you will improve your project success rate and increase stakeholder satisfaction. In doing so, you’ll increase your influence and status within your organization.

There are Six Transformations that you need to master to go from Technical to Exceptional.

1. From Disillusioned to Eyes Wide Open: Seeing where you stand now and improving on it
2. From Tech Savvy to Business Savvy: Bringing real value to your organization
3. From Technical Resource to Strategic Partner: Taking you from dime-a-dozen to one-in-a-thousand
4. From Reluctantly Reclusive to Perfectly Persuasive: Becoming your stakeholder’s trusted advisor
5. From Irritation to Interesting Interactions: Dodging a project’s “death by change request”
6. From Super Stressed to Stunning Success: Delivering successful projects and preserving your sanity

8 Keys to Unlocking Your Leadership Potential

Great leaders all have something in common.

They never stop developing their leadership skills. Just like top athletes never stop practicing their sport, world renowned musicians continue to practice their instruments, great leaders are always looking for a way to be better.

Whether you are just starting your leadership journey or are a leadership veteran, everyone has potential that is ready to be unlocked. Are you ready to have a high performing team? Are you ready for a team that can solve problems on their own and outperform everyone around them? They can not do it without excellent leadership. Be the leader they need and deserve.

8 Keys is immediately practical with no fluff and no filler. What you read today will make you better tomorrow … if you are ready to put the skills into practice!8 Keys is approachable and within reach of a new leader, but the material is not basic. The first principles can probably be applied within days. At the same time, this book can be used to guide leadership choices for years and years to come.

The 8 Keys:
*10 Principles of Leadership: Build a Solid Foundation
*Communication Styles: Enhance your communication by speaking the same language
*Emotional Intelligence: Deal better with stress and build better relationships
*Politics and Decision Making: How to win at politics and feel good about it
*Strategic Communication: Achieve your vision
*Management Excellence: Turning management traps into tools
*Translate the Big Picture: Get your team working on the right things the right way
*Advocate for Your Team: Get the best for your team and your company