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Business Critical Applications and Technical Consulting

Your organization’s Business Critical services relay on a stable IT Infrastructure. The challenge is to make your Infrastructure (Physical and Virtual) stable enough to be relied on and flexible enough to meet changing business needs. Your organization is unique and the solution you need is unique. Pre-packaged solutions are not the entire answer. They need to be critically vetted, aligned with your organizational strategy and implemented with the technical expertise to ensure a complete solution to your business problems.

Key areas of practice include:

  • VMware virtualized infrastructure and Business Critical Applications (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint)
  • Enterprise storage and converged infrastructure design and deployment
  • Disaster Recover and Business Continuity
  • Management insight and unified infrastructure/application metrics
  • Automation and Orchestration

Praise for ‘From Technical to Exceptional’

My project management students all have the same basic question: How do I move from my career as technical expert to project manager (and beyond)? My usual answer is that it is the intersection of preparation, opportunity, and availability. They need to be trained, there needs to be an opportunity or opening, and they need to be available (i.e. not working on another critical project they cannot leave).

The most difficult part is to help them understand that training for management isn’t just technical – it requires a whole shift in mind set and mastering important new vocabulary and soft skills. Andrew’s book does a wonderful job of distilling the “soft” preparation into a key areas such as the need to have a more business-focused mindset and to assume the role of trusted advisor.

Well written and easy to follow, I’m planning to recommend this book for many of my project management students.

We reached out to the (Threshold Knowledge) team and they delivered!

Our original consultants were not able to complete the technical design and Threshold Knowledge took over. Within days they showed us where we were in the process, what options we had going forward and then they took our feedback and delivered a complete technical design. With their help, we were able to implement the new design.

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