Leadership and Management

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Management and Leadership Consulting

Is your organization running at its full potential?

From the first time manager to the seasoned veteran, all managers need and can benefit from continued feedback and development.

The right employees are your greatest resource and it is the strength of their manager that will determine their productivity and longevity with your organization.

There are 3 distinct decision making areas in the management cycle, and the Threshold Knowledge approach can help your organization anticipate and make the best decisions at the right time. Click on the areas below to learn more about the key decision-making phases: Change Management, Continuous Improvement & Planning and Strategy

Threshold Knowledge’s approach starts with an onsite visit. We will gain an understanding of your organization from the top down and from the bottom up. This will allow us to take our understanding of what the organization needs and where we can provide training, coaching, support, resources and tools to take the managers and leaders to the next level.

Whether it is one on one, small groups or a larger team of managers, we will provide customized training that best suits your needs.

Sometimes your organization has a structural or business challenge that’s beyond training alone. From conflicting process , to pay and perks, Threshold Knowledge has the expertise and experience to provide you with an impartial assessment that allows you to make the best possible decisions for your organization.